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Many who have made the decision to have a professional come out and clean the ducts in their home are pleased with the outcome. In cleaning the air ducts, it can improve the health of everyone inside the dwelling. However, many don’t know when to clean their ducts or how to tell if something needs to be done. While the recommended timeframe is every three to five years, it might be better to have them cleaned every two years to be safe.

Depending on the amount of pollen in the area and whether there are individuals with asthma and allergies in the home, it might be more beneficial to opt for the quicker cleanings. Not only will it improve air quality, but it will also save on air conditioning replacement in Orlando.

Timing is Crucial

To better understand the specifics involved with when to clean the air ducts, consider some of the following information:

· Vermin have made their way into the home recently.

· Rodents or other insects were seen heading toward the ductwork.

· Mold might already be inside of the ducts.

Take a look at the vents. Is there any black debris around them? If so, that is often a sign that some type of pollutant has entered the ductwork and needs to be eliminated. Allowing that pollutant to stay inside of the system is allowing it to continue circulating into the air each time the system powers on. The system should be inspected with each filter change. If there is a lot of dust inside, it’s time to have the system cleaned.

Cleaning the Ducts

It isn’t just about knowing that the ducts need to be cleaned, it is also about knowing how often to clean them. Here are a few tips to helping make the process simpler along the way:

· Clean the ducts every three to five years minimum.

· When moving into a new home, it is important to have the ducts cleaned. The only exception is if the old owner cleaned them in the last year or two.

· After building a new home, it’s important to clean the ducts. There is a chance that the drywall debris and dust have made their way into the vents during the building process.

· When there are pets that shed a lot, the ducts will need cleaning to remove build-up.

Cleaning the ducts isn’t optional. It is a necessity. In doing so, it can save on the air conditioning system and prevent having here to pay for air conditioning replacement in Orlando before necessary. Call upon a professional to have the ducts inspected and determine whether it is necessary to have the cleaning done or not. It will save hassles and headaches along the way.

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